Grade 1 – First wrinkles Revitalizing serum  Visible signs: Fine wrinkles, temporary expression wrinkles.  Active ingredients: H2CR® complex, sugar (cellular energy booster).  Efficiency: The skin is revitalized, luminous and smoothed.

Grade 2 – Anti-wrinkle lifting serum  Visible signs: Permanent wrinkles.  Active ingredients: H2CR® complex, hyaluronic acid in solution (for an « injection-like » effect).  Efficiency: The wrinkles are visibly reduced, the skin keeps its tone and shape.

Grade 3 – Anti-wrinkle restructuring serum  Visible signs: Deep wrinkles, cutaneous slackening (loss of tone).  Active ingredients:H2CR® complex, dill extract (to facilitate the re-architecture of face)  Efficiency: The skin is resurfaced and firmer, the features are remodelled.

Grade 4 – Replenishing anti-ageing serum  Visible signs: Advanced signs of ageing / loss of substance and brightness.  Active ingredients:H2CR® complex + flax complex enriched with nutri-peptides (essential cellular nutrition to regain youth and brightness).  Efficiency: The skin is smoothed, firmed. Density and texture are restored.