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In this exceptional range, Sothys expresses the quintessence of its know-how and beauty philosophy: a complete anti-ageing serenity programme with textures to entice the pleasure of the senses.

GLOBAL ANTI-AGE DESTRESSING SERUM: the essence of youth ! A divine texture containing the secret of youth… concentrated technology working against time. Day after day, your complexion illuminates, your skin is smoothed, regaining a velvety softness. Youthful energy wakes up in the skin resulting in a radiant glowing complexion.

Secrets de Sothys® global anti-age de-stressing serum, the star of all anti-ageing serums Global anti-age de-stressing serum: triple action time fighter. 1- To boost the natural skin exfoliation and to stimulate a healthy rate of cellular renewal. 2- To optimise the cellular nutrition A cutaneous dietetic action to prevent deficiencies of the vital nutrients essential to the skin’s youthful life force. 3- To protect the neuro-cutaneous system and preserve the numerous nerve endings present in the superior epidermis layers from the destructive effects of stress. Impressive results: Wrinkle depth (Visioscan) From 2 weeks : -21% After 1 month : -26% Firmness improvement (Cutometer): From 2 weeks : +19% After 1 month : +26% Correcting effect on dark spots (Mexameter) From 2 weeks : -9% After 1 month : -16%